8/5/20 Message from Pastor Fish 7pm Outside
8/2/20 Message from 6 pm Live Stream
8/2/20 Message from Pastor Sean 10:30am Live Stream
8/2/20 Message from Pastor John 9am
7/29/20 Message from Pastor Fish 7pm Outside
7/26/20 Message from Richard Christiansen 6pm Outside
7/26/20 Message from Richard Christiansen 10:30am
7/26/20 Pastor John 9am message
7/22/20 7pm Service Outside
7/19/20 6 pm Service Outside With Pastor Raul
7/19/20 10:30am Morning Study Pastor Raul
7/19/20 9:00am Morning Study Pastor John
7/15/20 Wednesday 7pm James 2 Outside Service with Pastor Brian
7/12/20 Morning Bible Study 10:30am
7/12/20 Morning Study with Pastor John - Alone, Alone, Jesus I'm Alone
7/8/20 Wednesday Night With Pastor Brian
Maureen's Funeral
Pastor John Special Message 6/28/2020
Wednesday 6/3/2020 Live Service!

Wednesday Night Service LIVE 5/20

Wednesday Night Service! 4/29/2020

Sunday morning full service 4/26

Wednesday Morning Service 4/15

Pastor John Schaffer Welcomes You To Our Easter Service!

"The Cross, Yesterday, Today & Forever Part 2 Good Friday

"The Cross, Yesterday, Today & Forever Part 1" (Part 2 @12 noon Good Friday)

Thursday morning study

10 AM Sunday Service

9 AM Sunday Service

Wednesday Night Service!

1 Corinthians 3:1-4 "Receiving As Spiritual Or Carnal?" 10AM Service

Special Thursday Study From Pastor John

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